How the jewish studio gets community together 

How the jewish studio gets community together 


For Shabbat Services:

I just have to tell you what an incredible, meaningful experience your birthday Shabbaton was for me.  Truly, I have never shared the same space with so many erudite, compassionate and wise people.

For teaching:

Rabbi Krame "peaks our curiosity and challenges our minds.; excellent and very inspiring."

For Life Cycle Events:

Thank you so much for an absolutely beautiful naming service. Our friends and family continue to rave about it even a week later. - J and R.

After the High Holidays people said:

Thank you for throwing your hearts, souls and voices into the holiday services as you did. Your kavanah came through and i greatly appreciate what you are up to with the Studio and your own spiritual journeys.  Jan R.
Our High Holidays this year was extraordinarily meaningful. The setting made us feel closer to God.  Jo B.

I love having Jewish Studio in our lives.  Ray S.

I can't wait to see what the Jewish Studio has in store for us this year!! Susan C.

From one of the 150 people at SHABOOM, our outdoor Friday night service:

What a wonderful time I had on Friday Night with a fabulous community, service, singing and food!"

Do you remember our Friday Night with Liz Schrayer?  Please read this email we received: 

 I just have to tell you how meaningful the Jewish Studio program was on Friday.  You hit it out of the park. Seizing on a time when our community feels the need to be together, seeks spiritual guidance, and doesn't know what to do next.  You offered all of the above (and a delicious meal)! - LK

Upcoming Events

Rabbi Evan J. Krame, Cantor David Abramowitz, Educator JoHanna Potts and Jodi Krame are the co-founders of the The Jewish Studio (pictured here at the inaugural event, a Chanukah party at the Huckelberry Art Gallery in Rockville, Maryland).

About Us 

Our event driven approach to adult Jewish experiences is shared on the event calendar.

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The Jewish Studio will be a resource to enhance the quality of life experiences from baby namings to memorial services.  We can bring meaning and tradition to all life cycle events such as house warmings, retirement, and weddings.

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